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Hearts [(Storm 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550) (Torch 9800)]

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Hearts is a really fun card game that involves four players and is also known as Black Lady, Chase the Lady, Crubs, and Black Maria. Magmic makes a great Hearts game for BlackBerry that is entirely free and has been recently updated with a fresh UI and slick new graphics. The game is pretty simple, just avoid cards with hearts as well as the Queen of Spades. The player with the fewest points wins.


James Cameron's Avatar (Torch 9800)

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James Cameron’s Avatar takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption and discovery as he leads an epic battle to save a civilization.

In the official Avatar mobile game, the planet Pandora’s last hope lies with the human Jake Sully. Transferring his consciousness into a human-Na’vi hybrid – a living, breathing body that resembles the Na’vi but possesses the human subject’s thoughts, feelings and personality – Jake undertakes his mission as an ‘avatar.’

Join Jake in the mobile game’s original, action-packed adventure. Undertake a mission to liberate a planet, unite the Na’vi tribes, and revive the legendary Sacred Weapon. As Jake, you’ll explore lush jungles, soar through the skies on a banshee, survive ferocious battles, and develop fantastic powers in your struggle to save a world and a people.


Kartmania [(Strom II 9520, 9550) (Torch 9800)]

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The go kart tracks have been the start of many a Formula 1 racer’s career. And now it’s your turn!

Kartmania offers superb quality graphics and realistic physics. Race 12 different tracks of increasing complexity through 3 different scenarios: safari, amusement parks and city.

Challenge your friends in Bluetooth multiplayer mode or match yourself against pros from all over the world thanks to the online High Scores server.

Join the global competition!


Solitaire Legends 2

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Relax and exercise your mind or compete against the experts with Solitaire Legends 2!

Solitaire Legends 2 doubles up on the fun of Magmic’s Solitaire Legends card game pack, adding two new solitaire games to the pack—Pyramid and Yukon—and including two daily puzzles per game!

Adding to the initial pack of Klondike, Spider, Golf, and Freecell, Solitaire Legends 2 now offers you even more ways to become a legend, as you download daily puzzles and post the fastest times.

Compete against the largest mobile gaming community, and share your triumphs with your friends!

Completely redesigned for top players and casual solitaire fans alike, Solitaire Legends 2 is simply the most complete mobile solitaire game available.


Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo BB Curve

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Mobile adaption of the Arcade for your blackberry
Match colors with squares and destroy with the same color circle to execute moves

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