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Need for Speed ProStreet for 87xx/88xx/83xx

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As before, the new game will feature spiffing 3D visuals, and controls designed to be as easy to master as possible on a mobile keypad. The meat of the game will be in the Career mode, where winning races unlocks more events, which can then be played individually in the Quick Race option.
Ultimately, it's all about the drifting, since you slide round corners to earn additional speed boosts and cash, the latter of which can then be spent upgrading your car. You'll also be slipstreaming your rivals to pick up speed, and picking the best line to improve your times.

The game includes 16 of the world's fastest cars, which you unlock as you progress through the different levels. BMW, Toyota, Chevrolet and Nissan are all represented.

But perhaps most intriguingly, the game has rewards dotted throughout that can be used to unlock features in the console version of Need for Speed Pro Street, giving even hardcore console fans a reason to try out the mobile game.
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