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Predators (Torch 9800)

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The official mobile game brings you the long-awaited return of Predators™!
The most dangerous fighters and killers on earth are transported to the Predators’ home planet: a verdant alien environment where human beings are hunted as prey! Step into their world and a gaming experience like no other, where only skill, speed, and cunning dictate: are you predator or prey?


-The official game of Twentieth Century Fox’s Predators.
-High-octane action/adventure with auto-aim and continuous-fire for maximum hits per round.
-Immersive environments in varied locations including steaming jungles, rocky valleys, waterfalls and swamps.
-Detailed graphic and unprecedented lighting effects.
-Varied gameplay with fast-paced levels where only speed and cunning will let you live!
-Become a Predator in the final level and unleash the beast within!

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