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Let's Go Bowling! [(Storm 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550) (Torch 9800)]

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From tournaments and duels to mini-games like Figures, enjoy over 50 challenges in 5 original locations across the globe.

Enjoy a new cartoonish and very lively bowling atmosphere as you manage power and spin to win challenges, raise your stats and perform terrific shots. With 10 cute characters to play as and customize, there is a load of fun waiting for you!


-A brand new artistic direction for an even more fun and lively bowling atmosphere!
-More than 50 challenges to play, from tournaments and duels to strike contests
-5 original locations from around the world including a tropical beach and a city park
-10 characters to unlock, play as and customize
-New spectacular animations and visual effects when throwing the ball or hitting the pins
-Raise your stats and unlock lots of trophies by winning challenges

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