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Superscape JAWS 3D for blackberry 81xx

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Superscape JAWS 3D for blackberry 81xxDescription:
JAWS, the edge-of-your-seat, classic blockbuster is finding its way straight to your mobile. It's survival of the fittest with JAWSTM , an action-packed and thrilling game where staying alive is a constant struggle among all the blood-thirsty sharks. This nerve-wracking game will keep you in suspense as you fight off relentless attacks from all directions in order to save yourself from a fatal outcome!

Robot Battle Tactics for blackberry 81

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Robot Battle Tactics for blackberry 81Description:
Robot Battle Tactics is a SRPG game set in a futuristic biochemical war, in which players control their robots and fight. The game has various attack and defense modes for the different robots, diversified battle strategies and impressive full colour graphics.

Robot Battle Tactics puts a twist on traditional game-play by challenging players to use honed reflexes and precision to succeed. The goal is to choose robots to compete and fight using skills like air attack, missile fire and direct punches, which will increase their energy and give them more points.
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