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Medieval Kings Chess 2 - Clash Of Kings (Torch 9800)

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The ultimate game of battle and strategy - Chess - just got better! Relive medieval history through this battle game masterpiece!
Experience interesting play themes based on the greatest war time kings. Medieval Kings Chess 2 features 6 grades of ultra-strategic and challenging Artificial Intelligence and multiplayer options to fight against live online opponents!


Free Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry Messenger BBM – updated to v1.2.9

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The Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM) provides access to hidden smileys and emoticons right inside your BBM. Customize your BBM messages now and surprise your buddies!

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Sherlock Holmes: Official Movie Game

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Step into the role of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson in the official movie game with a mystery that will require sharp wits and hard fists to solve. Women are disappearing from the streets of London and Lord Blackwood’s evil cult is somehow behind it – but why? Fight off Blackwood’s men in epic brawls, chasing suspects through back alleys, racing wagons down busy streets and using your powers of observation and deduction to find the clues you need to put it all together. This time, the challenge is anything but elementary.


Assassin Creed 1 8520

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Jerusalem, 1191 A.D. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You play Altair, a disgraced Master Assassin, sent to kill eight men (both Saracens and Crusaders) in order to end the Third Crusade. Along the way, you discover that the men share a dark secret – one that threatens not only the Holy Land – but the entire world.

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