Medieval Combat 2: Age of Glory 87/88/83(4.5)


A fighting game on a cell phone might not sound like the most enjoyable thing in the world to most fighting purists out there, but there are certainly plenty of people who would enjoy the chance to kick the crap out of some 2D sprites while on the go. Last year's Shado Fighter by In-Fusio proved that fighting games could work on mobile. Obviously, some of the intricacies of major 2D fighters had to be eliminated for the sake of making the game playable on a phone, but it worked pretty well, as the strategy was simplified just enough to make the experience fun. Gameloft's Medieval Combat Continues in this tradition, this time focusing more on the sword-based fighting of a Samurai Shodown than a typical brawler. The gameplay isn't altogether remarkable, and in some respects, it's a little too easily exploited. However, the game has a fantastic look, and the fun fighting mechanics make up for some of its primary faults.

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