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SkinInstaller and SplashInstaller 2.4 for A1200/A780/E680i/Rokr E6

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New skin installer and splash installer. skin installer is for install icon and skin that previously call theme. splash installer is for install power on and off gif animation. new feature of version 2.4 are listed below
Change log for 2.4 version.
- use busybox awk command to split word. this remove problem when pskn or dhm file that doesnot have space before and after equalation sign (=).

- can install ccmove's or 's A1200 themes by tap on .pskn file. so does not need to write .lin for install
- use busybox to convert .pskn and .phm file to unix format before install. so some theme that cannot install in the previous version can install in this version.
- only 1 skin that can store in phone memory. installer will remove old skin before install a new one.
- SkinInstaller only change icon, skin, and color. does not change text size, and alert sound.
- SplashInstaller only change power on and off animation. does not change wallpaper.
- install a default skin or default splash 'll remove installed skins and splashs from phone memory.
- installation path in A1200 and E6 is /ezx_user/download/appwrite/setup/skin and in A780/E680i is /ezxlocal/download/appwrite/setup/theme that cannot see or check available space from phone.
- this version (2.2) can install into A780/E680i for use a new A1200 / E6 themes in A780/E680i.
- in A780/E680i can use color scheme setting to change skins. but in A1200 / E6 can not do it.

- A1200 skin and A780/E680i skin have a little difference but can be cross installation to either with the same skin format and installer.

Gamevil Baseball Superstars 2008 v1.1.0 Motorola v3xx J2ME Cracked

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altIn Baseball Superstars 2008, there are 8 different teams to choose from, 4 unique stadiums to compete in, and a Season, Exhibition, and My League mode to play in. You can also create, customize, and train your pitcher or batter. Upgrade and equip your players with new baseball gear and accessories purchased with the money you earn in the game, improve their stats as you train your players and hone their skills, and increase their popularity ratings as you groom them into superstars.